Feeding the red pandas - aka the best birthday surprise ever

Tuesday, 15 August 2017 Longleat, Warminster BA12 7NW, UK

I know what you're thinking, you already posted a "what I did for my birthday post".  Well my friends here is part two.  RED PANDA DAY!!

It all started at the end of January when Michelle text me this -

Her, Sean and Ryan had booked this big secret birthday surprise. I know, I am truly spoilt and have the most amazing people in my life. But ... I absolutely hate surprises. Me being me, I thought I would 100% be able to find out what it was before we went, apparently I was very wrong. I sent constant annoying messages trying to find out what on earth it this surprise was and bugged Sean on a weekly bases.

The surprise day started by Michelle and Ryan picking me and Sean up at 7am from our house. We had coffee, sausage rolls and a banging sing along playlist ... the Pitch Perfect soundtrack. At about 10am we rocked up at Longleat Safari and they'd booked for us to feed the red pandas!! I LOVE RED PANDAS, I have one tattooed on my arm. They're my all time favorite animal, so cute, so dumb, so fluffy and just the perfect cat / dog / bear / panda hybrid. ADORBS!!!

The experience itself was about 30 - 40 minutes. We met our zoo keeper at 11:15 who took us to the enclosure, she then let us in around the back and into the red panda's house, inside there was a little red floofer named AJ. As soon as he clocked the food, he came straight off his little perch and sat as close to us (the food) as he could. We then took it in turns to feed him chopped up apple and panda cake which is smooshed up bamboo and something else, it looks like poop. AJ was so so sweet, he took the fruit so gently and even let us pet and stroke him. I showed him my tattoo, which I think he approved off.

We then went outside to see if we could see the lady panda, she was hiding as she's recently had 2 little cubs and is looking after them. The zoo keeper told us that she probably wouldn't come out to say hi. AJ followed us outside where we fed him some more and got to see him in all his glory. We went around to where the lady panda was hanging out in her house and she came out to see us, she was absolutely lovely. I didn't pet her too much as I didn't want her to think I was coming for her babies, but she was a little stunner. We had gathered a lot of crowd attention by this point as well. 

After our experience we spent the rest of our day walking around the Zoo, looking at the animals and going on the safari, which I will get too later. Longleat is the most interactive zoo I've ever been to. You could touch the sting rays, walk with a penguin, feed the deer, hold snakes and insects, walk with the birds, feed the giraffes and walk with the Lemurs. Obviously I did everything apart from hold any insects because they're grim. HARD PASS!!

The Safari was so so so so so good. We were given an CD to listen to while we drove around which was super cute. We started with the monkeys who climbed all over the car, one even hitched a ride and just sat on the roof for like 5 minutes. Thankfully they didn't break anything and were pretty well behaved, which is why most people skip them but they were so worth it. We also saw lions, tigers, giraffes, flamingos and so much more. I would 100% recommend doing the safari, it was a such fun experience.

The only thing we didn't get time for is the boat to the gorilla, so if you plan do visit Longleat then I recommend doing that as early in the day as possible. The queue was insane and we would have been waiting for over an hour. 

I had such a good day and I fully intend to book the experience again. For anyone interested it's £60 a person and Longleat is one of the only places near Brighton that let 4 people enter the enclosure.

My birthday adventure - Disney Land Paris edition

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Soooooooooo, no big deal but I went to Disney Land for my 26th birthday and it was the most MAGICAL thing ever. I went with Sean, Tania and Jack. I thought I would share 10 most useful tips of the trip, just in case you were thinking of visiting some time soon - which I highly recommend. 

SIDE NOTE - Before you start reading, Tania has also posted about our trip and you can read it on her blog, it cracked me up so much.

Top tips for Disney Land

1. Accommodation

We decided not to stay at a Disney Land resort / hotel and I am really pleased about our decision. We stayed at the Relais Spa in Chessy and honestly it was a 3 minute drive from Disney, the hotel provided a free shuttle bus to Disney upon request, which was an unexpected surprise as we had planned to get the train or walk. The hotel was absolutely beautiful, so fancy pants and our rooms were huge, they were like mini apartments with a bedroom, separate kitted out kitchen and bathroom. It was the same price as staying at a Disney hotel, but we were only a 5 minute walk from a huge shopping mall, where we found Sephora and NYX.

(We did have to pay 9 euro tax and a 100 euro deposit on arrival which was fine as it gets refunded as soon as you check out. So if you do stay here then come prepared.)

2. Fast Pass - If you can splash out and get a fast pass then do. We were kindly given one at City Hall because if you haven't already seen already on IG, I fell down some steps when I went to see Dream Boys and tore the ligaments / tendons in my foot in 3 places (I have a doctors note and everything). I don't think that we would have been able to get around the whole of Magic Kingdom if we didn't have the glorious golden ticket aka fast pass. It just meant that we could go all the things you'd usually skip if you were only there for a day and could do other things rather than queue for 90 minutes for a ride.

3. Food DUH!! The food as Disney Land isn't as expensive as you think, particularly if you eat at counter service resturants, on average you spend about 15 euros for a meal, this includes a hot dish, a side, a pudding and a drink. We ate at Pizzeria Bella Notte and Blockbuster cafe.

Also, I was a little let down that there was hardly any Micky Mouse themed food. How was I meant to get that perfect pintrest food photo with regular shaped food? Maybe it's just in the US that has the fancy food?

4. Cocktails - Have you seen those glow-tinis on pintrest? Of course you have, they're famous!! We found a bar and decided to drink at least 8000 of them, unfortunately they tasted like butthole, but the glowy ice cube you got was an amazing souvenir.

5. Rides rides rides rides rides - Rated out of 10, so you know what to queue for and what to skip if you're pushed for time.

Magic Kingdom

  • 10/10 - Big Thunder Mountain
  • 6/10 - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril
  • 4/10 - It's a small world 
  • 5/10 - Carousel
  • 2/10 - The Aladdin thing
  • 2/10 -Pinocio voyage
  • 0/10 Starwars Hyperspace Mountain - I would have been a 9/10 but we had a scary experience. Would not ride again. 
  • 4/10 - Peter Pan's Flight 
  • 8/10 -Phantom Manor 

Hollywood Studios

  • Crush's Coaster - 10/10
  • Rock and Roller - 9/10
  • Tower of Terror - 10/10
  • Studio tram tour - behind the magic - 8/10 
  • Toy soldiers parachute drop - 5/10
  • Cars 3/10

6. THE DRAGON - I loved the Dragon hanging out under the castle. HE WAS BADASS!! Not to be missed. I REPEAT NOT TO BE MISSED. I am not posting a photo of it because I don't want to ruin it for you.

7. Take tissues to the fireworks, I cried ... like, I cried hard. The only thing that made me stop crying was that the singing for The Little Mermaid and Frozen was in French, it confused me so much, so be prepared. I just expected it to be in English like it was in Orlando

8. DO NOT miss the parade. I missed it due to being stuck on an evil evil ride, I was so upset. I've seen it before, but it would have been nice to wave at a princess.

9. ONE FOR THE BOYS. Apparently Tower of Terror makes your balls tingle. Enough said.

10. Photo ops!! Me and Tania made a Pintrest board in advance so we didn't miss any chances to take photos. I know, that's probably a bit over the top butttttt, no fucks given. I had weeks worth of photos to upload.

If you are going soon or are thinking about booking, just stop what you're doing and do it. You will not regret it.

P.S. I bet you're thinking, who the fuck is Jack, why isn't he in any of your photos. Basically he hates me and didn't want to have his photo taken with me, I did ask .... soooooo that's awkward hahaha. 

P.P.S Talking off Jack. Jaffar shat him up so badly when he had his photo taken with him. We all thought it was a stature until it moved. I have never seen someone so shook, he thought it knocked it over. You know when you make someone jump and they are scared for a few seconds, then they figure out that there is nothing to be scared off and laugh it off. Imagine that, but for a whole 40 seconds, I've never regretted not filming anything more.

What it's like having IBS in your 20's

Monday, 3 July 2017

This one is a kind of personal post, something I don't discuss with many people because personally I find it extremely embarrassing. I have IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome), it's an extremely common problem, 40% of people have mild cases, but for some reason I feel like I can't talk about it? Realistically it's something I need to get over because everyone poops, like it's not a big deal, but why does it feel like one?

I know there are worse things out there and it's really not a big deal, but it really does effect your life. You are restricted in what you can do, where you can go and your whole life revolves around the toilet. It's difficult to be able to go out and have a normal 20 something life without it playing on the back of your mind. I have managed to control it 97.5% of the time. I don't know if it's just me but I'll wake up and I'll just know if I am going to have a good day or bad day. If I am having a bad day, it's bad. As IBS isn't something you talk about (unless you're speaking with someone else who has it) I thought I would share some of my symptoms and side effects. 

The Standard Annyoing Side effects 

- You can't eat specific food. You learn what you can and can't eat over time but if you slip up, your body knows and it gets really pissed at you. For me it's things like beef, quorn beef weirdly, processed sauces and take away pizza (which is a issue).

- Tea, coffee, caffeine? Nope nope nope. Am I even allowed to be on Instagram if I cant post a basic bitch photo of my skinny iced frappe latte with an extra espresso shot. Caffeine is just a hands down no from me and my insides. I am not being rude when I decline your offer of a tea or coffee and it's the main reason I drink squash 90% of the time. It's not me I swear ... it's my guts. 

- Constant nausea and feeling sick.

The Annoying 

- Eating out in a restaurant is hard... well impossible and people don't tend to understand that. No matter where I go, what I eat, the food will go straight through me and I will be preying that the restaurant's toilets are private.

- The same with being invited over to people's houses for dinner. I love cooking, I love eating and I love it when people feed me but I have to politely decline people's tasty dinner invites unless I know exactly how they've made it and what's gone in it. "Yes gurl I know you're a good cook, but I can either destroy your bathroom or stay home and lie on the sofa eating safe food"

- Dressing yourself is hard because you're bloated 24/7. People ask why I live in baggy jumpers and cami tops, I look pregnant ALL OF THE TIME. 

- If you get to hot ... urgh this one is one of the worst. Luckily I am a cold person but you know that feeling you get when you're really embarrassed and you can feel yourself getting red, hot and clammy? That's just a standard thing that happens when you get too hot with IBS, then you get that feeling makes your insides go crazy and feel awful.

- The same thing with stress. Even when you don't feel stressed mentally, your body knows it and makes your bowels twist up into a pretzel and leaves you in agony.

- Sex ... who thought it would ruin sex? But it does, your whole downstairs area gets so uncomfortable, painful and irritates you so much. It's just a massive no, this is probably my least favorite side effect.. I honestly couldn't deal with being single and having this issue, how awkward is that conversation? "Sorry we can't have sex tonight because your penis is irritating". URGH!!

- Alcohol ... oh my sweet babboo <3 this is one thing I do not give any fucks about, even though I usually pay for it the next day, I love having a casual drink with my babes and IBS will not stop me.

- You're gassy and you get pain in your gut when you need to poop.. it's annoying.

- When you do poop, sometimes you're literally there for days. So settle down, take your phone with you and try not to cry because trust me, you will want to.

The Embarrassing

- If you're a girl who goes to clubs / bars / pubs or whatever. When you pee, your whole squad comes along for the ride and you make an activity out of it. You always socialise the most in the toilet on a night out, everyone just gathers by the mirrors, chats, re applies make up, takes selfies of whatever but this is literally my idea of hell on a bad day. Sharing a stall makes me feel uncomfortable, who knows what's gunna happen.

- Not knowing the protocol about using the disabled toilet. Like I know it's not a disability but are you allowed to use them to save embarrassment? Or will you get severely judged by others. I just want some privacy!!

Slam Dunk 2017

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The only way to describe this year is - HOLY SHIT BALLS!! When I saw the line up I wasn't as pumped as I usually am, but I'm the first to admit when I am wrong. After doing some band research and getting back into old that bands I had forgotten it was pretty much perfect. 

We drove up in the morning super early to meet Tania and Jack for Wetherspoons breakfast and hopefully check in to our hotel early, which we were unable to do. BOO!! If you ever stay at the Ramada in Hatfield, check in is from 2pm which means either missing the start of the day or checking in when you get back a lil' bit drunk. Which is the option we went wit, the bar is also open until 2am.

I was all over the Slam Dunk app this year, it was so useful and I totally loved the 15 minute notification reminder that popped up when a band from your favourite list was next up. These were the bands on my list, the ones highlighted in red are the people I unfortunately missed. I was being pretty optimistic on actually seeing them all but it was good to know who was on where and when.

Lets start from the top

Like Pacific

CRUSHED IT!! They played all the bangers and were a good   first band to see to get you pumped. I always hide at the back   at gigs, but the crowd were super into it so the atmosphere was good. Although the vocalist of Like Pacific would probably disagree, he didn't seem very happy at all. Maybe the last 2 days had made him overly grumpy and tired.

Trophy Eyes

I have to say, they were the band I most wanted to see and they did not disappoint, probably one of the best bands of the day. I would LOVE to see them again really soon. I was annoyed at myself for not buying their merch though.


I loved WSTR's set. Their set was so good, so much energy ... but no one loved it as much as Sean. I've never seen the boy dance and jump around that much. I think he burst my ear drum from singing so loud. Also shout out to WSTR for being the band that started mine and Tania's mime dancing to songs for the rest of the day.

Cute is what we aim for

I was never the biggest fan back in the day but seeing The Curse of Curves live was an emo dream.

With Confidence

Who even knew that I liked them that much. Not me!! I was into their set in a BIG way. Even though we missed the two best songs because we were peeing.


WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT. This was the point where I started to drink. I think I had 3 bottles of cider while they were playing. They were so arrogant, I don't know too much about their following but I am assuming it's pretty cult worthy as the vocalist was like "give it up for how talented I am" that just topped it for me ... no, so much no!! If you're wondering why we stuck around to witness how bad it was. We were having a little sit down as Tania's foot poorly (she fell down the stairs 2 weeks ago and it's still swollen and so so bruised), it was also smashing it down apparently. Sorry if you are into them but I was just not feeling them.


* This is Patrick
Tania's must see of the day as she's basically in love with bass player Patrick*... but you didn't hear that from me. I saw the first two songs before I had to run and catch The Gospel Youth. They're were pretty good, Tania and Jack were going crazy which made it better.

The Gospel Youth

I was a self proclaimed barrier babe. Front and center ... well not center, front and to the right a little bit. The Gospel Youth just make me happy. The fact that Sam's voice is so Disney just makes everything so much better. FLAWLESS!! 


Neck Deep

I had been hearing ALL DAY by every single band how good Enter Shikari's set was and it still wasn't appealing it to me. I would have gone for sorry your not a winner and that was it, so it seemed like a bit of a bit of a waste for me to go, when I could have been seeing a band that I actually really wanted to see.

Neck Deep were just so so good, from new songs to old we danced, sung until our voices were horse while trying not to spill out drinks. They were my favorite of the day just because me, Sean, Tania and Jack had been re-united after splitting up to see other bands. We sung every world to every song and ended Slam Dunk on a high and as a special treat they played Part of me which was just beautiful. Neck Deep even did a 20 second cover of sorry your not a winner, so I got to do the clap bit of that song anyways and lets face it, that's the only reason 99% of you went to see Enter Shikari anyways.

Slam Dunk you were an absolute dream, I love ya!! Until next year. 

ALSO did anyone actually see Bowling For Soup? I heard they were not good. I was reading tweets about how terrible and unfunny there were. 

HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO BEST GURL TANIA. Here is a photo of us in the same toilet where we first met, so romantic.

Slam Dunk. Past & Present.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Taking a lil' bit of inspiration for my blog queen Tania for this post. I've jumped on the festival blog post bad wagon. This one is dedicate to my all time favorite all day festival, SLAM DUNK!!

I go every year without fail, it's a tradition I have with myself. This year I was sitting in the Duff Brewery in Orlando drinking a squishy when I brought my tickets, it was obviously a priority. We were waiting for the Halloween madness to start, what else are we going to do. Don't judge. 

Either way I am buzzing, even though I do feel like the line up for me personally is POOR!! But that's just me and my personal tastes. Enter Shikari headlining was a huge disappointment for me (I am sure that is a controversial opinion). Anywayyyysssss this year it's going to be even more special as it'll be mine and Tania's friendaversary. We met in the toilets after planning to see Yellowcard with each other and completely failing to find each other ... ahhh young love.  

Let's get started with my top three past Slam Dunk's

2010 - I could have done a cry. New found glory, Set Your Goals and Four Year Strong one after each other. I just remember going absolutely ape shit for all three sets with my friend Becky, i've never been so hot in my whole life but it was totally worth it.

2011 - I actually worked the festival for Macbeth and Keep a Breast foundation so I couldn't see as many people as I would have liked but I had a great time meeting so many people, bands and talking about music. I did go to both Leeds and Hatfield though this year so that was pretty fun. I think I did manage to see Dance Gavin Dance on both dates, Set Your Goals obviously and Lower Than Atlantis. 

2016 - PANIC AT THE DISCO!! What a headliner. They were just so on point I can't even tell you. I also met New Found Glory and was so star struck I couldn't get any words out, which is totally unlike me especially after a juice or 5. 

Other bands who I personally thought killed it at Slam Dunk and who I love seeing

  • State Champs
  • The Story So Far 
  • Yellowcard when they played the Ocean Avenue album <3
  • Taking Back Sunday
  • You me at six
  • Knuckle puck 
  • Deez nuts 
  • Issues
  • Gnarwolves
  • Funeral for a friend
I would love to see Paramore on the bill again that would be amazing. I Dear Slam Dunk gods, make it happen!! Also have Alexisonfire every played? I feel like they haven't.

So who am I seeing this year I hear you cry? Well ... I am getting there. As I said when I first saw the line up I was a little disappointed but there are so many people I want to see now. 
Every year I make a SlamDunk playlist on Spotify to discover new bands and re listen the bands I already know.
  • Neck Deep
  • Trophy Eyes
  • WSTR
  • With Confidence
  • Seaway 
  • Like Pacific 
  • Cute Is What We Aim For
Hopefully I will see you there!! Let me know if you're going. Also I am loving the new app this year!! Download it here if you haven't already. 

Ball pits, booze and burns

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Are you in your twenties? Do you enjoy getting drunk? Are you 100% convinced that this whole adulting thing isn't for you? Do you like slides? If the answers to the following were all yes then keep reading. 

PLAY ZONE!! The answer to all your problems. 

Me and Tania decided to have a mini road trip to Portsmouth from Brighton one wild Friday night, pop punk playlist at the ready and snacks in both hands. So it wasn't as spontaneous as it sounds, we had to pre-book and we had planned to go.  

I feel like I should explain what Play Zone is, basically it's an adult soft play with ball pits, things that spin, netting, stuff to climb, stuff to swing off and slides, slides and more slides. I actually think it's for kids but on Tuesday and Friday nights they open it after hours, 8 - 11, for grown up kids to play and get drunk. Let's face it, it's a prefect combination. 

We rocked up fashionably late at 9pm and stayed until it closed. Drinks were buy one get one free from 8 - 9:30, so after a lap and a few slides we went to get drinks but only just missed the deal, literally by minutes. Which to be fair, wasn't a big deal as I think the drinks were pretty cheap at £2 / £2.50. I had a blue slush puppy with a 25ml shot on vodka in it.  

The play area itself consists of 5 slides, surrounded by 3 levels of fun. They have a rainbow group slide which is the slow slide, a slide where you end up in a ball pit, a mysterious black out slide and a HUGE red slide with two different levels of steepness. We did go on all of them but we weren't brave enough for the highest level slide until the end of the evening. It was so daunting but soooooo fun. I still can't believe the guy the went down on his stomach and then stood up at the end and slid, it was obviously not his first rodeo.


We filmed a ton when we were there for Tania's youtube channel, which I will link when it's live. It was so fun and I will going back for sure. Let me know if you're down via social media and we can plan an adventure.

DISCLAIMER - make sure you wear comfy clothes because I got a slide burn the size of a yum yum down my back. 

*If you follow me on twitter you will know making gif's on Tania is one of my favorite things to do. 

Harry Potter Studio Tours - The Forbiddon Forrest

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

"I solemnly swear I am up to no good"

If you're 20 something, you probably love Harry Potter as much as me. It's just so magical, everything about it makes me happy; the characters, the creatures, the spells, just everything. I am not even jealous of their fictional lives at all ... nope not one bit.  

My little smoosh Zoey was turning 21 and has been asking for ages to go to the Harry Potter Studio tours in Watford. As a surprise me and Michelle booked tickets for us three to go. I am awful at keeping secret, it stresses me out and gives me anxiety but I did it, I am super proud of myself but I did it, FOR 2 AND A HALF MONTHS MAY I ADD. Her reaction was the cutest thing and made it all worth it (the videos on my Instagram). She had full on tears in her eyes and everything. Now that is happiness. 

I've been before, but I haven't been in over 4 years and there were so many new things. The Hogwarts express and the new area The Forbidden Forest, it had only been open a week. 

The forest was awesome, I won't give too much away encase you're planing on going any time soon ... sorry if you have me on snapchat, I got carried away and probably ruined it for you. It was so cool though, they had Buckbeak, who I couldn't get to stand up so he was bowing at me, so obviously I had to bow back. They have Aragog which is probably the coolest part and I hate spiders. I had to close my eyes on the ride in Florida when he showed up. There's also a little surprise in forest too which I thought completely made it. 

Can we just talk a second to appreciate my butter beer ice cream. It was amazing and I got to take the little pot home as a memento.

I am not sure how long this has been open as it wasn't when I last visited but you can now go into the Dursely's house!! There were letters EVERYWHERE!! It was really cleaver and looked absolutely perfect. 

We then finished our day with a GBK in the mall close by. I had the satay chicken burger, skinny fries with baconaise. Pure heaven. 

I had the best day with my two favorite muggles. If you haven't been to the Harry Potter studio tours I highly recommend going. It look us 3 hours to go round the whole thing and I love every magical second.

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